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About Us

       Tom David, Inc. is a company located on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA. We design and make the Unicorn line of pepper and salt mills. We have been in business since 1986. All our grinders are assembled and shipped from Nantucket. We have worked with a hundred year old family owned Italian company called Tres Spade since we first started. They custom make our extraordinary grinding mechanisms.

       The Peppergun, our initial product, was the first pepper mill to work well using only one hand. The modest success of the Peppergun allowed us to make other grinders serving different needs. We now make the Magnum, the Magnum Plus, the MiniMill, the Keytop,  the PepperStick, the Finback, and the Tablestick set.

       The FinBack, a Nantucket souvenir edition of the Magnum, came out in the summer of 2011. Our newest grinder, a variant of the Pepperstick, the Tablestick, is new for 2017.