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The Finback is the Nantucket Island version of our Magnum. We designed it as a way to commemorate our 25th year of making the Unicorn line of grinders on island. The Unicorn line of pepper and salt mills is now the best regarded line of grinders in the world. The Finback is not a one-handed grinder.

    We named the grinder after the Finback whale. The Finback, one of the baleen whales, is the second longest whale, reaching almost 90', and is the sixth largest living animal. It was known as the "greyhound of the seas" because of its speed. Our Finback mill is fast too, fast grinding, with a large storage capacity. It's easy to fill with the sliding loading ring, and adjusts with the bottom thumb screw. The white salt version has a ceramic mechanism for grinding coarse salt.

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