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Finback Saltmill White 6-inch

Finback Saltmill White 6-inch
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This is the Nantucket version of the Magnum salt mill. We designed it to commemorate our 25th year of making the Unicorn line of grinders on Nantucket. The Finback whale was known as "the greyhound of the seas" because of its speed. 

Please note that Grey, Pink, Celtic and Himalayan salts will cause problems if used in our salt grinders. They are "moist" or "damp" salts and clog/gum up the teeth of the grinding mechanism. We only recommend using dry, brittle salt such as coarse sea salt (crystal size is approximately the size of a peppercorn).

  • Salt grinding version of the Finback
  • For grinding coarse salt
  • Non corroding long wearing ceramic mechanism
  • Large storage
  • Easy slide ring loading
  • Clean exterior with household glass cleaner and paper towel
  • We recommend using Coarse Sea Salt in our mills. The crystals are approximately the size of a peppercorn.
  • The Finback is not a one-handed saltmill
Price: $42.00