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Magnum Saltmill White 6-inch

Magnum Saltmill White 6-inch
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This is the salt mill version of the Magnum, with a fast grinding, long wearing, non corroding ceramic grinding mechanism. Quick loading, large storage, extraordinary range of grind size. A serving tray is included to help contain salt dust. 6" high in white for salt. White, with ceramic grinding mechanism. 

Please note that Grey, Pink, Celtic, and Himalayan salts are not fully dried and will cause problems if used in our salt grinders. They are "moist"  or "damp" salts and will clog/gum up the teeth of the grinding mechanism. We only recommend dry, brittle salt such as coarse sea salt (crystal  size is approximately the size of a peppercorn). 

  • Fast grinding, long wearing and non-corroding ceramic mechanism
  • Large storage capacity
  • Use to grind coarse salt, salt must be dry and no larger than a peppercorn. We recommend using Coarse Sea Salt. 
  • Easy filling with sliding side mounted loading ring
  • Grind size adjustable by thumbscrew on bottom, stays set when filling
  • Body of white ABS plastic
  • Clean exterior with household glass cleaner and paper towel
  • 6" high
  • Tray included to contain salt dust
Price: $31.00