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Now discontinued, the Peppergun was our first product, sold since the summer of 1986. It was the first grinder that worked really well using just one hand. We no longer make or sell the Peppergun or Saltgun. We continue to make great grinders, none of which are one-handed.  

If you're looking to purchase a pepper or salt grinder you might consider:

Keytop Pepper or Salt Mill. Same height as the Peppergun, 6 inches. To operate, turn the diamond shaped top while holding the body. It has the same medium-sized grinding mechanism as the Peppergun which means it will grind the same amount of salt or pepper as the Peppergun. Pepper version, in black, with steel grinding mechanism. Salt version, in white, with ceramic grinding mechanism. Cick here to see the Keytop mills.

Magnum Pepper. Same height as the Peppergun but with a much larger grinding mechanism so more pepper will be grabbed and ground per turn. Click here to see the size of the grinding mechanism. To operate, turn the top of the mill while holding the body. This is the only grinder that comes with a tray to catch pepper dust. Available in pepper or salt version. Click here to see the mills.

Finback Pepper. The Finback pepper mill, at 6 1/4 inches, has the same over-sized grinding mechanism as the Magnum which results in more ground pepper per turn than the Keytop mill. The top of the grinder resembles a whale's tail. It does not come with a tray. Available in pepper version only. Click here to see the mill.

Click here to see the different sizes of the grinding mechanisms. The larger the grinding mechanism, the more ground pepper generated per turn.

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