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Pepperstick Peppermill Black 9-inch

Pepperstick Peppermill Black 9-inch
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We designed the Pepperstick especially for restaurant use. (Would work well in a modern kitchen too). Fits easily in an apron pocket, in a holster, or snaps into a clip mounted on a wall. Good looking, easy to fill, adjustable grind size (has the milling mechanism of the Keytop and Peppergun) and almost unbreakable. Delrin clip and mounting screws included. The Pepperstick is not meant to stand upright on a table, but to be carried, or stored in its clip. Subtle and elegant, it is a great new restaurant tool. Fax us on your letterhead if you'd like a sample and wholesale pricing. 9 inches tall, black or red.

  • Portable restaurant waitstaff pepper grinder
  • Fast grinding steel mechanism
  • Large storage capacity means fewer refills
  • Fills easily by turning cap counterclockwise
  • Grind size adjustable by set screw on bottom
  • Grind size stays set when filling, no need to re-set grind
  • Durable ABS black plastic body
  • Clean exterior with household glass cleaner and paper towel
  • Stores in Delrin clip on wall, or is carried in holster or apron
  • 9" tall, but only 1" wide at base
Price: $27.00