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Tablestick Salt and Pepper Mills

Tablestick Salt and Pepper Mills
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These are so cool. We wanted to make a set of tabletop grinders for the modern home, so we took our great Pepperstick design, built a new salt grinder in the same style, and added a beautiful base to hold the grinders.

Take a look at the Pepperstick page for details of the pepper grinder. The salt grinder is similar but uses our long wearing non-corroding ceramic mechanism to grind coarse salt.

The bases are designed to allow salt and pepper residue to collect at the bottom of the base but not allow the grinder to touch the spice. Your tabletop will stay neat, and you can empty the base whenever needed.

If you order these, be sure to read to the instructions included with the grinders. Salt grinders only work well when you use dry, brittle salt, usually called "coarse sea salt". Pink, Himalayan, Celtic or Grey salts are too moist and will not work in our mills.

Our new patent pending Tablesticks are fun to use, super looking and work great.

If you might like to include spices with the set, click here to see what you would get.

Price: $55.99