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We Love It!

I have had my Magnum for 10+ years. To say I have used the mill everyday would not be an exaggeration. Thanks for making such a great product that lasts.
Tecumeseh, NE.

I just received my Magnum Plus and it is fantastic. As a bonus I would like to thank your company for the super fast shipping. I received it much sooner thank I thought I would..
Aurora, IL.

I am really pleased with my Magnum Plus. It's by far the best pepper mill I've ever used. I like it so well I'm ordering both of the Magnum mills for table use. You have a quality product and excellent service. I'm recommending you to my friends.

Thank you for the efficient service! I will definitely recommend your site and products to others.
Alameda, CA 

  I sure wish every company I dealt with was as efficient as you folks! We just love our Magnums!
McLean, VA.

The Magnum Plus is the best pepper mill I have ever used!
Westerly, R.I.

I’m a current owner of your Magnum Plus and Magnum pepper mills and love each! Your pepper mills are the absolute best one’s I’ve ever had and which I use frequently.
Lake Oswego. OR.

You make a great product. I’ve been using my Peppergun for several years and look forward to receiving the Saltgun.
New York, N.Y.

I ordered a Magnum Plus for my son around Thanksgiving and he says it’s the absolute best!! Truthfully, I didn’t want to order two because I wanted to see if my son was pleased. His raves about your product is the reason I’ll be calling you later this morning to order a Magnum Plus for my husband.
New Orleans. LA.

My order came this morning. I want to thank you for such prompt service. I will be recommending your products and your site to my friends.
J. W.
Ephrata, PA.

I recently ordered a Keytop pepper mill and was greatly impressed with the quality of design and operation of the grinder. Thank you.
Bettendorf, IA.

You were right. There simply is no comparison between your Magnum Plus and any other pepper mill I have ever used. The Magnum Plus is superior. It has been going strong for six years and works flawlessly. Thank you for making a product that delivers on it’s claims. I love it.
Philadelphia, PA.

Many thanks for the easy ordering and fast shipping.
Fargo, N.D.

I gave my father your Magnum peppermill as a very belated Father’s Day gift. He called my on my cell phone because he was so astonished and happy with all the pepper the thing was putting out. Awesome.
West Covina, CA.

Cannot wait to get my order. Having used them in restaurants we know they are great. I especially like the ease of use and quality of the grind. Great product.
Pittsburgh, PA.

I’m astonished and delighted to say that the postman delivered the Pepperguns today. Thank you very much for such excellent service. We would normally allow up to 2 weeks for deliveries from the U.S. We would certainly highly recommend both the Peppergun and your service to others.
London, England

Hats off to you on the best salt and pepper mills I have ever used.
Jefferson, LA.

We think your products are superlative. We just ordered sets of Keytops for our children.
Danbury, CT.

Got it. Works beautifully. Will contact you in another 10 or 15 years when I need a replacement. Thanks.
Napa, CA.

I have always praised your peppermills whenever the subject of fresh ground pepper has arisen. Thanks for making high quality products! Magnum Pluses rule!
Dover, N.H.

I’m a waiter at a Maui resort. Over the past 6 years your Peppergun has seasoned literally thousands of my customer’s salads and pastas. I believe that my Peppergun has made me a lot of $ in increased tips by helping me to provide instant service. Thanks for a great tool.
Maui, HI.

I’m ordering so many grinders because they are great hostess gifts. The tray that comes with the Magnum is the best idea. My table and kitchen cabinet were always covered with grains of pepper and salt. Now if only the Mangum Plus had a tray…
Mancos, CO.

Please pass along how please I am at your speedy service. I came to your site after reading the rave reviews on other sites. Your Magnum grinders make an attractive pair.
Scituate, MA.

Ordered a Magnum pepper mill last week and it arrived yesterday. Great shipping and love the mill. Loved it so much, have just ordered the salt mill to go with it. Thanks.
Scottsdale, AZ.

I want to thank you for promptly filling my order. It is a good purchasing experience to be able to call someone on Friday and then receive the purchase on my own doorstep on a Monday.
New York, N.Y.

Thank you. I appreciate your great customer service.
Red Wing, MN.

For years I have been buying junk peppermills. Cooks Illustrated turned me on to your Magnum. Since then I have bought your Peppergun and Keytop. I have thrown all of those other mills in the garbage (no big deal ‘cause they didn’t work anyway). Thanks!
Cleveland, OH.

I absolutely love my peppermills. I have owned (for some time now) a Magnum Plus which I must use 4 or more times a day. I hope more and more people discover that you make the world’s best peppermill.
Atlanta, GA.

Your Magnum Plus peppermill is on Alton Brown’s “Essentials” page. I had mentioned to my fiancé that it would be really cool to check it out. Well, as an early Valentine’s Day present she surprised me with the Magnum Plus peppermills. It’s awesome. Nothing says love like a peppermill. Thanks. Great product.
Cooper City, FL.

I think you should promote your product more. I’ve been trying to buy a good pepper mill for ages. Most companies sell rubbish and call it a peppermill. Days ago, I ordered a Magnum Plus. It arrived and has conquered my kitchen. It’s easy to use, easy to adjust, it just works. This really is the best peppermill in the world.
Rochester, N.Y.

Love my little Minimill. Please send one to my sister so she won’t steal mine.
San Diego, CA.

Last year I bought 13 black pepper Magnums for Christmas gifts. My family loves their grinders so this year I plan to give them the matching white salt Magnums.
Westport, CT.

I’ve been using your Magnum peppermill for seven years. Any chance you offer quantity discounts?
New York

Saw your write up in The New York Times and ordered your Magnum Plus last week. It arrived very quickly and I’m sold. As an avowed pepper freak I cannot live without your pepper grinders. Please send me another Magnum Plus so I can use it for white peppercorns.
Yonkers, N.Y.

I purchased a Keytop while vacationing on Nantucket. It is the best pepper grinder I have ever used.
Detroit, MI.

I seldom write fan letters, but I cannot resist saying how superior your Magnum pepper grinder is to anything else I have tried. And I have tried many at all points in the price spectrum.
Santa Monica,CA.

You make THE BEST peppermills anywhere! I've enjoyed this product immensely- and wouldn't consider any other peppermill!
Middletown, RI.

You make a great product. We have used the units for several years. Friends whom we have given these units to as gifts have favorable comments about them.
Franklin Park, NJ.

This is the best peppermill I have ever used in my kitchen.
Falmouth, MA.

Thank you for hours of grinding pleasure.
Chicago, IL.

Someone gave us a gift of the Magnum Plus grinder and we love it so much we are giving them as gifts ourselves!
Otter, MT.

Your Peppergun is a first class product. My wife and I are impressed.
Danvers, MA.

Congratulations on your outstanding peppermills and associated products. I think the Unicorn Magnum is fantastic.
Buena Park, CA.

These Pepperguns are fabulous, I'll keep them in mind come Christmas. They'll make great gifts.
Vienna, VA.

I consider the Magnum to be the best pepper grinder I have ever used in my life (40+ years).
Central Bridge, NY.

Love your products.
Point Clear, Al.

Thank you very much for a great product fairly priced.
Humboldt, KS.

What a great product. The Peppergun is amazing, easy to use and good to look at.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

My husband and myself are great Peppergun enthusiasts. Please send another red one.
Manchester, NH.

Absolutely the best grinders on the market. I take the travel sized minimill with me when I camp.
Livingston, NJ.

You do indeed have the best peppermill I have ever owned. It grinds pepper like crazy!
Mountain View, CA.

I was gratified to find that your product does exactly what you claimed in your ad: which is rather unusual It is a very clever, high quality product which I highly recommend to friends.
New York

Thank you for answering my questions. I placed the order today - it was quick and easy...and my wife will be thrilled.
Ontario, Canada

I have more than ten pepper mills and none of them are worth a damn. I just got the Magnum Plus and threw the rest of them out You need to thank America's Test Kitchen for letting the people know about this product. C.O.
Falls Church, VA

For years I ave been buying junk pepper mills. Cooks Illustrated Magazine turned me on to your Magnum Plus. I have thrown all of those other mills in the garbage! Thanks!

C.B. St. Paul, MN.

I am impressed. I would have thought you would be closed for the holidays and didn't expect a reply until much later in the week. Thanks for the information and thanks for keeping the production in the USA. C.L.
Baton Rouge, LA.

Wow! I have never been so happy with grinders in my life. What service!! Thanks for including the sample of salt with the Saltgun. I was able to use my mill immediately!
Norwalk, CT.

Thank you very much for such prompt action. I am quite impressed with your efficiency. Job well done.
Duluth, GA.

Thank you. Great stuff. The recipient of the Peppergun and “ammo” has already blown through a healthy amount of the peppercorns.
Cleveland, OH.

I have tried every major “better” brand of pepper mills, and none even come close to the Magnum for ease of use (filling and dispensing) and output of pepper per twist…as well as good looks and durability. I recommend my Magnum to everyone. I would love to see you make a “commemorative” model in metal one day! You have one guaranteed customer here!
Albuquerque, N.M.

I got my Peppergun! Twenty hours! From an island! I am one impressed customer! Job well done!
C. S.
Burlington, Vt.

I’m a waiter and use your Magnum constantly. It is no lie that at least a few times a week a customer asks me about my mill. Just wanted to give your company a “thumbs up” and let you know that I continue to let others know about your wonderful product.
Rutherford, N.J.

We received a set of Magnum salt and pepper grinders six years ago. We are addicted and like giving them as wedding gifts now. Thanks for the best grinders known to man/wife/chef!
Jackson, Mo.

My husband and I were given a Magnum Plus pepper mill by my father-in-law a few years ago. He swore it was the best pepper grinder you could buy. We love to cook, and really love pepper, and your grinder beats any mill out there.
Palestine, TX.

I received my second Magnum Plus today. The grinder is a true anomaly in today’s marketplace, it does everything is should and more. Thank you for that.
Montgomery, AL.

I received one of your grinders as a gift recently. I LOVE it and use it daily. Please send a red Peppergun to my sister. She’s crazy about it too.
Chicago, IL.

The Minimill is a great conversation piece, attracting a lot of attention when I use it in restaurants. I bet I’ve given your website address to two dozen people. It’s the best.
Weatogue, N.J.

Your Peppergun is the perfect gift for friends who like to cook. And your peppercorn containers make filling the grinder so easy.
Mercer Island, WA.

Your service is impressive and very much appreciated.
Free Union, VA.

Why would anyone who loves fresh pepper use any other mills? Magnum Plus is the best mill on the market. I’ll never buy another brand of mills as long as I live.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA.

I’m getting Magnum Plus mills for all my family. It will be a very hot Christmas up here, with so much pepper flying around!
St. Paul, MN.

I’ve been a loyal fan of yours for just over 20 years now. I saw your ad in The New Yorker around 1985 and bought a Peppergun for myself. I still have it and use it regularly. In 1986, I decided to give one as a wedding gift. It then became the official wedding gift from me and my wife. By my count, we have given 37 of your mills as gifts. Where am I going with this? Well, I found the cancelled check for that original purchase this morning while moving a desk. Some things are certain – death, taxes, and your superior mills. Thanks.
Lake City, FL.

Imagine my surprise to discover that the Unicorn pepper mill that comes so highly recommended in my two favorite magazines, Cooks Illustrated and Fine Cooking,
was already in my home! Many years ago, the New York Times had an article about your great pepper mill and I ordered one. The reviews are right on the money, and your mills are the best.
Williamsburg, VA.

I called last week to order a Magnum Plus for my husband’s birthday. I never expected it to arrive in time, but it arrived on his birthday, two days after I ordered it!. Thanks for reminding me just why it’s important to support small businesses. I plant to tell as many people as I can about your great product and customer service.
Olympia, WA.

I was skeptical about your Magnum Plus peppermill and Magnum Saltmill. I thought about getting them but never did. My wife finally gave them to me for Christmas. Thank you so much for producing such a superior set of kitchen workhorses. Best peppermills!
Riverside, IL.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with your products. No hassles. Hope your business prospers.
Ellsworth, ME.

It surely lives up to its name…Magnum…magnificent!
O’Fallon, MO.

Last week I bought a Magnum Plus pepper grinder. Thank you for your very prompt shipping and double thanks for delivering what you promised on your website. I can’t believe how much better it is than all the other mills I have tried in the past (including much more expensive one from Europe). Keep up the good work!
Chattanooga, TN.

It’s rare when a product exceeds my expectations. No other pepper mill I’ve ever used can even compare to the Magnum. It’s amazing how much pepper it will grind with just a couple of cranks. Great product. You make the best pepper grinders in the world!
Aiea, HI.

Thanks for the speedy service. I wish every merchant has such good customer service.
Denton, TX

The Magnum is as good as you claim. Please send another.
Pittsford, N.Y

Love it. Two more Pepperguns please.
Houston, TX.

We received your Magnum salt and pepper mills as a wedding gift six years ago. It’s nice to receive a product that not only looks good but actually works well. Thanks for a great product.
Albuquerque, NM.

Just to let you know that the Minimill has arrived, and has been tried and tested. I’m a real pepper freak, and am so tired of restaurants not having fresh, ground pepper, waiters who ask if pepper is desired, and then becoming impatient if you require more than two turns on a peppermill. You have made me happy with your product. Thanks.
Chicago, IL.

My Peppergun is one of my most valuable tools and a great product. My wife and I are the ‘pepperiest” couple west of the Mississippi River – on account of owning and using daily your Magnum. Thanks for a great product.
Belvedere, CA

Your service is fantastic. Many thanks.
Monterey, Ca.

It's not often that you buy something that exceeds your expectations. Your Magnum rains pepper. You've built a better mousetrap.
Deep River, CT.

I have owned these wonderful mills for 7 or 8 years. Please send me a brochure so I can purchase more goodies.
Santa Barbara, CA.

I purchased one of your peppermills about 6 years ago, and have been very happy with its performance.
Danvers, MA.

We love these Pepperguns.
Orlando, FL.

I am a 74 year old lady and have finally found a grinder that works. I love to cook and I love your Magnum. Now I'd like to order the matching salt grinder.
Cap d' Ail, France

You guys give great service. Thanks so much for the terrific product.
Brookline, MA.

The Keytop is and outstanding addition to your great line of peppermills. Please let me know of any new products you develop.
Honolulu, HI.

My wife and I purchased our first Peppergun last fall while visiting Nantucket. Since then we have bought more than a half dozen as gifts-they work great.
Ellicott City, MD.

You are right: You make the world's best peppermills. I recommend them to all my friends, and even occasionally buy one for those too stubborn to take my advice.
Traverse City, MI.

My Peppergun is one of my most valuable tools and a great product.
Denville, NH.

I like the way the Magnum looks. But I really like the way the Magnum works.
Mount Kisco, NY.

I am handicapped and can only use one hand. Your Peppergun is a Godsend, as I am very particular about freshly ground pepper.
Chatham, MA.

I found your address on the bottom of the best pepper mill I have ever used. Please tell my how I can order more.
Mendham, NJ

I read about your Magnum peppermill in Good Housekeeping. They reviewed two dozen grinders and said yours was the best. I was skeptical, but ordered the Magnum on their advice. Great product! No wonder the Magnum was top rated!!
Columbus, OH.

You hooked us! A grinder that really works! Amazing!
Ontario, Canada